Colombian Southern Roots gave yesterday a small concert to celebrate two main events in the band’s life: the debut of their video ‘Vagabond’, and to give a very warm welcome to their new harmonist.

There is a certain appeal for bands outside the Unites States Southern region to embrace the sound created in it. Between blues, rock’n’roll, country, and hillbilly, those influences have marked several bands including Motörhead back in the 1970’s. That kind of sound for some reason invites the spectator to move, in the means of headbanging, air guitars, you name it, you are stimulated to move. Southern Roots honored their name to the fullest by taking different aspects from the southern culture and creating music that surely will set you in motion. Created in 2010 by Juan Carlos Perez (vocals and guitar), Christian Herrera (guitar), Juan Sebastian Orjuela (bass) and Jonas Barbas (Drums), Southern Roots have used hillbilly and country music elements to ensemble a more heavier rock sound. Due to this mixture, Southern Roots is well received amongst rock and metal fans alike participating in different festivals in the last six years including Festival Antiroscas, Manizales Grita Rock Festival and they were the winners of the first edition of Los Dueños De La Tarima, a contest in which the bands compete on the stage for a 2000 Euros price and the chance to record a song in a professional studio.

Now, after finishing a long recording process for their debut album ‘Tractopussy’, Southern Roots had the pleasure to give an introduction party for their first professional video for the song ‘Vagabond’. The party was held at Ozzy Bar Rock in Bogota last 6th of August. As a very Colombian event where people are invited to attend at 9:00, it started late at 10:30 p.m., the venue has had international acts such as Therion, Doro, among others, so it was well prepared to receive the more rock oriented public. Many of the attendants came in big groups which gave the atmosphere of the event a more cozy feeling. Southern Roots took the stage at 10:30 starting with a greeting to everyone and following with the first single for their upcoming debut album ‘Vagabond’. With this first song, the crowd started to warm for what it was about to come with a first reaction of the ladies in the house, proving that southern rhythms can provoke women to dance on a guitar riff. After this first song, Southern Roots performed a killer cover of AC/DC’s ‘TNT’ which made even more people engage in the dialogue bands and public should have.

The rest of the gig progressed from sitting audiences to a very happy crowd with the performance of ‘Amantes De Las Curvas’ an original song from the band; a song that reminds you a bit of ZZ Top Texas sound in which the performance of harmonist Dani Armo put the spirit way up. The normal progression followed by Southern Roots invoked ‘La Grange’ executed in a magnetic way. Later, knowing that most of their fans are women, Southern Roots played one of their own songs called ‘Bad Girl’ to which there was an overall good response from the audience. Later, feeling that the crowd was still on a high, Southern Roots kept it up with a cover of ‘Ace of Spades’ reminding the attendants that the band’s sound switches easily to a more heavier sound. Then, a Clutch cover came to make appearance in the shape of ‘Electric Worry’ where once again harmonist Dani Armo got loose and took the crowd with them on a ride through the guitar riffs from Juan Carlos Perez and Christian Herrera. To finish the short set, Southern Roots decided to play another original song from the band ‘Did You Know’ to which the people who went there to see Southern went nuts and the recently acquired fans completely fell for it, it was a great way to finish the set and to build up enough energy for the presentation of the video of ‘Vagabond’.

By the time the video was presented many of their participants were there for support. The video itself represents a person that lives at his own terms, which in the sex, drugs and rock and roll imaginary means “so many women, so little time”. However, the scene’s portraits at the video are subtle enough, the sensuality of many of the female participants go along with the rhythm of the music as ‘Vagabond’ has a very strong southern style, very similar to Texas Hippie Coalition. If you want to make your own opinion on the video, take a look at it in the link below.

Overall, the night went very well. I’ve seen Southern Roots a couple of times in the past, and I can say they have improved their performance with time. If you want to check more of them take a look at their Facebook Page.

We wish to extend our perpetual gratitude to Khristian Forero, a professional photographer from Colombia who has worked with us for the second time. This by providing Southern Roots photographs as well as previously released Machine Head set, taken on the event, An Evening with Machine Head in Bogotá. Make sure to check his online portfolio.

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